About Me

Shirley has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. Teaching movement for the last 15 years as a coach and trainer to both youth and adults. She teaches with compassion and kindness and looks to connect with her students. Practicing and teaching yoga brings her a sense of stability, grounding, strength and release. She believes in staying balanced, finding joy in movement as well as consciously pushing your own limits.

Shirley loves nature, movement, food and music. She has a BS in health promotion/fitness management from Southern Oregon University. 200 YTT (2018) Yogaraj. She holds a variety of certifications: Art of Breath, MovNat Level 1, CrossFit Kids, L1, L2, KettleBell Athletics, Mobility Wod 101, 102. Brand X Kids.

Shirley asks her students to show up with an open mind. Willingness to try, challenge themselves and be accepting of where they are in the current moment. She hopes to help them learn that consistency is key. And that you have all that you need within you. We all just need support.

When teaching yoga her strength training background highlights the value of building a strong foundation to which to grow and move upon. She encourages her students to slow down, feel more and listen to their bodies. Proper alignment is key, also understanding that each body is different and alignment might look different in all beings.