Shirley in a yoga pose

Yoga which means yolk or unite. It can mean this on many levels, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Shirley believes in movement as a basic need of everyone. What we eat fuels and nourishes or depletes our bodies.

Rest and recovery is an important overlooked part of life that she is continuing balancing in herself. In the process of slowing down and quieting down, often we can hear what our body is saying to us.

Classes are open to all levels of yoga students. Her classes have clear instruction with a focus on proper alignment, and integrating movement and breath.

Shirley is available for private yoga sessions both virtual or in your home. Corporate wellness or special events. She teaches weekly classes to adults and youth.

Shirley in another yoga pose


Offers Coaching in:

Coaching 1 on 1 virtual or phone

Yoga - Classes for kids and adults

Yoga - Private, virtual, or in person

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